Friends and Neighbors,

Arcata enjoys a proud history of being on the cutting edge of livable, prosperous, and progressive cities. To maintain and advance this leadership, our community needs a council member who directly addresses challenges, proposes new ideas, builds consensus, and follows through to implement positive change.

The Arcata City Council needs to step up and take action with a more balanced approach to issues. We need to balance development with environmental protection, balance public safety with civil liberties, balance a vibrant downtown with vibrant neighborhoods, and balance supporting business with supporting people.

I have lived on the North Coast for 41 years, hold a BS and teaching credential from HSU and work as a building designer and contractor.  I served on the Arcata City Council from 2002-2006.  I know and enjoy the respect of public officials and staff members all around the county, and I have the experience to work with them on regional solutions.

As your city council member, I will work for:

Livable Community

  • Affordable housing for all income levels

  • An Arcata to Eureka bike trail, now!

  • Public comfort & safety

  • Downtown restrooms, now!


  • Low-cost financing for solar installations

  • Preserve agricultural land for food production

  • Regional self-sufficiency in energy, food, and jobs

  • Prepare to cushion the economic impact of legalized pot

Responsive Government

  • Graduated Utility Users Tax to discourage large indoor grows

  • Work towards becoming a Charter City for greater local control

  • Move public comment period to the beginning of council meetings


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